How to Connect WooSquare Pro with Square Account.

Description : This article will help you to understand the settings of  authorization of Square Account with WooSquare Pro, how to setup Square Payments and Store location as well

Follow Easy steps to Connect your wooCommerce with Square Account.

Step 1: Open your wordpress Dashboard, on your left side click woo-square as shown below, to link WooCommerce website with Square Account you required credentials for live/sandbox Access Token and Application ID  

Step 2: To get Access code and Application ID you need to sign in to your Square Dashboard

Step 3: Once you sign In,on your left side click Apps and select My Apps as shown below

Step 4 :In your next screen you will see Go to Developer Portal button,click on it as shown below

Step 5: After clicking Go to Developer Portal, In a new window Application Dashboard will open and select New Application as shown below

Step 6: Write the name of application and click create application,In the next window you will see credential with Application Name,Application ID and Personal Access Token (NOTE:Use this credential for live transactions)

These are the credential of Sandbox (NOTE:Use this credential for test transactions)

Step 7: Open WordPress Dashboard again as required in step 1, now you can simply insert Live credentials of Square Account in WooSquare settings and click Authorize, After that on top you will see Setting updated successfully as shown below

Step 8 :Woo Square Settings

a) Select Location

bAuto synchronize

Turn ON / OFF  

c) If Auto synchronize is ON 

Auto sync each option will appear, just select periodic cycle like( 1 hour, 12 hour & 24 hour ) that will update changes periodically as shown below

d) Merging Option: This will allow you to choose the way you want your product sync e.g woo commerce product will Override on square products and vice versa 

e) Select YES or NO (If YES then synchronize your product each time you make any changes in WooCommerce like edit,update or delete product and at the same time these changes will appear in square too ) Note:If you make any changes in square that will NOT update automatically in WooCommerce on below settings

At last  Save Changes 

Step 9: Now WooCommerce successfully connected with your square account,so move over to Square payment,In square setting

  • Enable/Disable: check on Enable to use Square as a payment option.
  • Title: Displayed to customers during checkout.
  • Description: write description (e.g Pay with your credit card via Square)
  • Delay Capture: Allows you to pre-authorize a charge and not capture it until later. This is useful if you are about to shipping goods then take payment.  Capture an authorization by marking the order Processing or Completed OR void the authorization by canceling the order.
  • Create Customer : Create a customer profile on Square when a customer checks out on your WooCommerce store.
  • Log Debug Messages:  Save debug messages to the WooCommerce System Status log.To see log Wp-admin menu > Status > Log > select payment log..
  • Send Customer Info: Sends first name and last name with order to square and click Save changes.As shown below

Step 10: On your left side click WooCommerce then select settings and click on checkout tab as shown below

Step 11: On Checkout screen scroll down to payment gateways and verify that Credit card (square) is Enabled, click Save changes as shown below

Step 12: As soon as you click Save changes you will receive this message “Your settings have been saved” as shown below


Step 13: At this stage,check your website from frontend and select any product from your website then add to cart, On checkout you will see credit card (square) as a Payment Method as shown below

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