How to Setup Webhook

Note: In version 6.4 of WooSquare Pro, First you need to Authorize Square Application with WooSquare Pro then these webhook settings will enable as shown in the below screenshot and then follow this documentation from Step 1. These setting will not apply on an existing customer.

Description : This article will help you to connect Square Account  with WooCommerce Woosquare before making any transactions like creating Orders or issuing refunds from Square to WooCommerce.

Step 1: Open wordpress dashboard and on your left side click  Woo square, In order to setup Webhook

a) You need to insert this link in Square Webhook tab

b) On the other hand insert Square API credentials in Woo Square from Square account

  • Live Application ID
  • Live Access Token   

Step 2: To get Access code and Application ID you need to sign in to your Square Dashboard

Step 3: Once you sign In,on your left side click Apps and select My Apps as shown below

Step 4: In your next screen you will see Go to Developer Portal button,click on it as shown below

Step 5: After clicking Go to Developer Portal, In new window Application Dashboard will open select New Application as shown below

Step 6:Write the name of application and click create application,In the next window you will see credential with Application Name,Application ID and Personal Access Token(NOTE:Use this credential for live transactions)

Step 7: Open WordPress dashboard again and Insert above Application ID and Access Token in WooSquare settings and click Authorize as shown below

Step 8: Woo Square Settings

a) Select Location of your store

At last  Save Changes 

Now move back to square dashboard

Step 9: On top Click on webhooks tab and Enable Webhooks, insert Notification URL and click Save button below

Step 10: At this stage, we have to run a Test Webhooks Notification and verify a request correctly so click on Send Test Webhooks Notification as shown below   


Step 11: The result of Test notification must be response 200 OK (Note : if you receive a response other than 200 check your settings again)