Order Itemization with Square

1.Description #

Order itemization will help you to send item information like taxes, discounts, and breakdown of items from woo-commerce to the square dashboard. The purpose of this Add-on is to sync WooCommerce orders to Square Payment section from WooCommerce checkout.

2.Features #

  • Hassle free to see your woocommerce sales from square payment section no need to look woocommerce frequently.
  • Helps you to analyse items descriptions at one glance
  • You don’t have to match square transactions anymore in woocommerce orders.

3.Requirements #

  • WooSquare Pro Plugin
  • Square Account
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • WooCommerce
  • PHP version 5.5 or greater

4.Install this Add on #

Download Add-on from codecanyon.net, Before installing add-on you must have WooSquare Pro activated and then install this add-on at your wordpress plugin section, as soon as you activate this add-on all order will sync to Square, if payment gateway is Square.

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