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Square Payment Gateway For WC Marketplace

1.Introduction #

This plugin integrates Square Payment Gateway for WC Marketplace which is featuring that the admin can connect a Square account and Authorize a Vendor through Oauth functionality in a Square application. Admin and Vendor can fetch their split payment separately through Square. It also provides the functionality that the Vendor can connect Square account by clicking on “Authorize” in the Vendor profile page.

2.Requirements & Features #



  • Authorize a Vendor to Square account.
  • Admin and Vendor can collect their split payment separately through Square.
  • Admin can get Square payment data from his account and update it in  WordPress.

3.Settings & Functionality #

⚠ Important

Multiparty transaction support is limited to
1 additional recipient.
CAD, GBP, and USD transactions.

Step 1

Square Gateway Settings
    • To change plugin settings from your WordPress Dashboard, you need to click on WooCommerce Tab, then Go to Settings → Payments → Square Gateway.
    • Provide Production Credentials and get all the data from Square account.
    • Application ID.
    • Location ID.
    • Access token.
    • Application secret.
    • Copy Redirect URL from square settings in payments tab from your WordPress, and paste it in square application’s OAuth tab in Redirect URL field.
    • Click on Save changes.
Square Account View

Backend View

Step 2
Vendor Settings
    • Login the vendor profile from WordPress Dashboard.
    • Then click on “ Authorize
    • A Vendor can connect to his Square account by clicking the “Authorize” button in the Profile tab, the system will get the vendor location ID.

Get Permission from Square
    • After clicking on “Authorize”, the system will redirect the Vendor to Square for Login and Permissions.

Unauthorize from Square
    • After Vendor has clicked the “Authorize” button and allowed the application with Permissions, the plugin will fetch the information from the merchant Square account and Authorize the Vendor.
    • A Vendor can Unauthorize from the Square account if they choose or required, by clicking the Unauthorize button from vendor profile tab.

Step 3
Checkout Front View

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