How to Link WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway with Square Account

Note: In version  2.3 we have introduced this feature to connect Square Account with SquareUp Payment Gateway please follow the steps below. Click on Connect with Square button. Insert your...

How To Setup Sandbox Api for test transaction

Step 1: To access sandbox and view tested transaction login with and goto MyApps from Left Side Bar Step 2: Goto My Apps   Step 3: Click To Create New Application Step 4: Insert...

How to create a Refund from WooCommerce to Square

Description : This article will help you to understand how you can create refund from woocommerce to square just follow the easy steps Step 1: Open wordpress Dashboard on your left side click on WooCommerce and...

Sandbox Transaction (How To Check Test Order In WooCommerce from Sandbox New Api V2 )

Step 1: Below Are the details to Test Order In WooCommerce using sandbox Step 2:You can see the sandbox transaction appearing in Square Dashboard. Step 3: View Order Receipt

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