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WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway Pro – Simple & Recurring Payments Documentation

1.Introduction #

WooCommerce Sumup Payment Gateway plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows paying for products via sumup an account through sumup the payment gateway. The plugin also provides the functionality to subscribe to recurring subscription items, System will renew subscription automatically plugin has easy one-click integration, to sumup an account.

Prerequisite settings for the plugin :

2.Features #

  • Take payments for orders and subscription in WooCommerce via SumUp.
  • Currency for payment in WooCommerce must be set as same as the currency for SumUp account being used.
  • Authorize account by one click from SumpUp settings in payments menu and sync SumUp account with payment gateway.

3.Settings #

After the plugin has been installed, SumUp payment method will be introduced in payments tab.

To setup SumUp settings admin has to access payments tab from WooCommerce settings.



  • Admin can enable/disable the SumUp payment method by clicking the slider button.
  • Admin can edit SumUp settings by clicking the manage button.
  • To save the changes admin has to click save changes button.


  • To authorize a SumUp account admin has to click the manage button.
  • Admin will be redirected to sum up settings page where admin can sync the SumUp account with wooCommerce SumUp payment gateway.
  • Click the authorization button to authorize a SumUp account.


  • As an Authorization button is clicked admin will be redirected to the SumUp sign-in page.


  • After admin has entered the credentials and logged in , admin will be redirected to the SumUp settings.
  • If the login has been achieved , the authorization button text will be changed to unauthorize.
  • To unauthorize, click the same button again and the account will be unauthorized, and admin can enter another account if required or preferred.
  • Click the save changes button to save the settings that were changed.

    Testing Payment Gateway:

  • To test the SumUp payment integration admin has to login in a customer account and place an order via SumUp payment gateway.
  • Admin can add test credentials to test the transaction processing.
  • Test credentials:
    Card Number: 4532 7597 3454 5858
    Card CVV: 111

    Check out Front View



  • After orders or subscriptions have been placed they will be available to view from orders, in WoocCommerce tab.
  • A log of every order and subscription will be made, to record the details.


  • To view detailed information of the order or subscription admin has to click on that respective order


  • Transaction ID will be same as Transaction ID  in SumUp.
  • After successful payment order status will be “Processing”.
  • System will renew subscription automatically when the time of renewal has come.
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