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WP Pizza Square Payment Gateway Plugin

1.Introduction #

WP Pizza Square addon is a WordPress addon that allows customers to pay for their pizza products using Square payment. The plugin will allow logged in and not logged in users to pay for products via square

2.Description #

Plugin Features

  • Using addon you will have an option to add Square payment settings.
  • View all orders payments placed via square.


  • Your site MUST have valid SSL or domain contain https:// .
  • WordPress
  • Square Account
  • WPPizza plugin installed.

3.Using this Plugin #

Add Square payment settings
  • Select WPPizza which the Square payment settings will be added from (WPPizza–>Gateways–>Enable Square).

  • Add Square Payment settings. (Add testing and live payment settings for Square payment account)
  • Add square application test mode settings. Testing credit card must be processed using the following data,
Test Card:
Card Number 4532 7597 3454 5858
Card CVV 111

View payments entries via form
  • View all orders paid via Square from ( WPPizza→ Order history)
  • Admin could make refunds via Square, change status to “Refunded” then check the checkbox of “Refund in Square” and click ok.

Form preview in front end
  • Select “Square” radio button as payment method while checkout, the following popup will be displayed to pay via Square.

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