Gravity Forms Facebook Gallery Images Add-on

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Gravity Forms Facebook Gallery Images is an extension of Gravity Forms which allows the user to access their Facebook images on Gravity forms, so it helps user to attach their Facebook images in Gravity Form Submission.

Admin can also view these attached images in the form of URLs under entries of Gravity Form.

Plugin Features

    • Import Facebook albums in a single click and create an entire gallery that you can select from.
    • Allow your website visitors to click on a photo and view it, without leaving your website.
    • Automatically import all albums from a Facebook Page and create an entire web gallery via the view all user selected images in Gravity form entry details page.
    • Admin has the option to define Facebook limited images number will be selected from my gallery and limited number which will be fetched.

Plugin Settings

Forms: Select Setting to add Facebook and, to add Facebook API key.

remote image gallery

Forms: Select the Form which will display the Facebook button to fetch images

test form

Remote Images View in Front-End

Form display in Frontend with a button for remote image (Facebook).

remotes images shot

Select Facebook buttons following popup will be shown, after login to your account and verify your Facebook account.


Selected Remote Images display in the administration panel

Select “Entries”, view Entries details, will view a section for the remote images to view per each submitted entry.

forms entries
from login


Version : 1.0
Date :  10/07/2019
intial release.

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