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1.Introduction #

Learndash Square plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows customers to pay and enroll in courses using Square payment. The plugin will allow logged in and not logged in users to enroll and pay for the course via square.

2.Plugin Description #

LearnDash Square plugin is a WordPress plugin that allow customers to pay and enroll to courses  using Square payment. Plugin will allow  logged in and not logged in users to enroll and pay for course via square.

Plugin Features

  • Using plugin you will have an option to add Square payment settings.
  • View all courses payments placed via square.


  • Your site MUST have valid SSL or domain contain https:// .
  • WordPress
  • Square Account
  • Learndash plugin installed.

3.How to use Plugin #

Add Square payment settings
    • Select Learndash LMS which the Square payment settings will be added from (Learndash- settings-square settings).

    • Add Square Payment settings. (Add testing and live payment settings for Square payment account)
    • Add square application test mode settings. Testing credit card must be processed using the following data,

Test Card:
Card Number 4532 7597 3454 5858
Card CVV 111

Select course type, must be one of “Buy now” or “ Recurring” type
    • Must select recurring or buy now course types and set price for course enrollment.

View payments entries via form

View payments entries details.
    • Select Learndash–>Reports–>Transactions tab
    • View Square recurring interval and interval number data if course is recurring.
    • View payments history transactions.

Form preview in front end
    • If user is logged in user, then email will be auto populated with user email while course registration.
    • If user is not logged in user, then he/she will have to enter the email will course registration.

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