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Custom API Development

We are experts in developing REST APIs for large-scale users

CRM & ERP Integration

APIExperts offers a level of services that includes modules for integrating software from third parties. Our solutions enable you to leverage the features and benefits of your existing CRM software to modernize business processes, discard errors, and improve retention rates across your organization.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration is the quickest way to start accepting payments from customers. We have you covered if you need a single specialized gateway that works with one or more specific payment types or if you want to accept major credit cards and check out through a single gateway.

Social Media Integration

APIExperts integrates social media campaigns to reach clients’ audiences. Our social media API improves performance and gives you the tools and tactics for a successful social media campaign. Using our social media API integrations, you can integrate Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube into your website.

Shipping Integration

If your company requires API integration services for shipping, APIExperts is willing to facilitate you in quickly integrating with the APIs of FedEx and other freight transportation carriers. APIExperts can further empower you to connect with the APIs from many major logistics carriers.

Marketing & Email Integration

With APIExperts, you can access every tool you need to control your marketing automation. You can get an inventory list with prices, descriptions, images, etc., send emails highlighting new products, sales, and discounts, and check the status of your orders, all through us.

HR & Software Integration

If you’re having trouble integrating your HR software with other apps, APIExperts can help you out. Our services span from architectural planning and design to testing and implementation. We are specialists who can provide the necessary solution by coordinating with your existing HR software.

Why Choose APIExperts

Our team integrates third-party platforms and builds enterprise APIs. We’re a global group committed to growing as professionals and developing innovative digital products for worldwide clients.







What our customers say about us

I will recommend APIExperts for any work that has to do with APIs. The team is professional with deliverables and communication. I was looking for payment integration for my ecommerce, and they instantly took care of the issue with full confidence. 5-star service provider!!

Nicolina Lindholm

APIExperts are 100 % true to their promises. They provided us with a faster turnaround time and helped us to bridge our ecommerce platform with their shipping API. Highly recommended.

Ray Cooper


This is a great plugin, especially if you use Woo as your database master as I do. I’ve been using it for some time now and it has allowed me to open a retail storefront and share the inventory from my warehouse/website. It also lets me see daily.. read more


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How APIExperts Help You?

APIExperts makes it easy for you to integrate your platform’s features.

continuous collaboration

You can reach your full potential in terms of productivity by carefully orchestrating your workflows.

Streamline services

APIExperts help you connect with first-rate payment gateways such as Stripe, Coinbase, Square, and more

proven expertise

We provide API integration services that work in real-time. Try out coding-free API integration and design.

Popular Integrations

Our APIs supports your favorite mainstream product lines

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