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Square card payment API support is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Japan only


WP Easy Pay is a fast and reliable WordPress plugin designed to simplify the way your website accepts Square payments. WP Easy Pay functions perfectly for receiving simple payment, donation, subscription, and recurring donation. With this plugin, you can start accepting online credit card payments instantly while skipping the complex procedures of setting up a shopping cart system. Fulfill your requirement of one time (simple) payments to keep your business going with ease. WP Easy Pay (Premium) facilitates you to accept recurring payments as well.

WP Easy Pay – Square For WordPress Pro Plugin Features

  • Multi-Step Form: The Multi-Step Form layout is a step-by-step tab interface that is perfect for signups and payments.
  • Modal/Pop-up form layout: Refine the look and feel of your form by giving it a cleaner design. This layout takes less space and gives your form a well-structured look.
  • Improved Form Builder: You can now change the entire outlook of your form with just a click of a button: Amount Layout Support, Drag-and-drop functionality, Success URL redirector, and much more.
  • Improved Single Form Layout: Enjoy easy-to-use and straightforward functionalities that make payment collections too simple.
  • Subscription Reports: You can now create parent subscription reports, and within those, multiple child subscription transactions report.
  • Subscription Pause & Run Functionality: Simply pause the subscription from the back-end without ending or eliminating it and rerun it whenever you need to.
  • Upload Fields Using Drag-&-Drop Functionality: Easily add an ‘UPLOAD FIELD’ to your payment form using the drag & drop functionality.
  • Date and Time Field With Calendar: Adding a ‘Date and time’ field to your payment form will allow your users to select a date and time before submitting their form. Users can also click on the calendar button’ to load the calendar and select any date, month, or year.
  • Tabular Products: Add multiple tabs on your payment form featuring products that you would like to sell online. Each tab comes with a variety of options like Product Picture, Product Price, Set Label and Set Quantity.
  • Item Quantity-to-Price Adjustment: Users can select the quantity of the product given in any payment type, and the plugin will automatically update the price point according to the set quantity.
  • SANDBOX OAuth Support: With the Square ‘Sandbox OAuth’ feature enables you to connect to the Square sandbox account without the need to copy credentials from the developer app into the plugin.
  • Transaction ID Tag: Add the ‘Transaction ID’ tag to emails sent by the admin.  You can add this tag by navigating to the email notification settings.
  • Export Transaction Reports: Export and download transaction reports with an additional ability to select fields as per your requirement.
  • Multiple Amount Layouts: Use multiple amount layouts through the form builder to give your users the luxury to select their payment in three different styles: Payment layout in the dropdown, Payment layout in radio-listing, and Payment custom layout.
  • Form and Email Tags: These tags can be used in the transaction notes with a simple click of a button. You can also use these tags when creating emails for yourself or your customers.
  • Payments Types: Accept payments through simple payment, recurring payment (Premium), donation payment, recurring donation payment, and subscription payment.
  • Notification Email: Admin and User will receive Notification Email after every successful payment.
  • Customizable Thank you page: Customize the success page by adding your message and success page URL that redirects the customer to a different page.
  • Display a progress bar in the payment form that shows the total donation count and goal. It updates in real-time with each transaction.
  • Process partial refunds for simple, donation, subscription, and donation-recurring payments.
  • Users can easily renew their subscriptions by clicking on the renew button.
  • An email editor is added that allows the user to generate a detailed transaction receipt which is sent to the user and admin via email.
  • Charge sign-up fees when a user fills out a registration form. This field is only visible when a subscription or recurring donation payment type is selected.
  • Digital Wallet Support – WP EasyPay supports all major digital payment options including Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH Payments, Cash App and Afterpay.

WP Easy Pay – Square For WordPress Pro Utilities

  • For an online store to accept simple payments.
  • For an NGO to receive donation payments.
  • For a politician to raise crowdfunding. 
  • For lawyers, doctors, and business consultant 
  • For an airline website (Ticket charges)
  • For people deals with recurring customers.
  • For Sports promoting communities
  • For digital product sellers
  • For online education fee charges
  • For food delivery services


1 year free updates included

1 year priority support included

Easy cancellation and refund policy

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