myCred Square Add-on

Information & Requirements

  • myCred 1.8+
  • Square Account
  • buyCred Square
  • WooSquare (Free or Premium)
  • WordPress 5.0+
  • PHP 7.0+

myCred-Square add-on enables users to purchase myCred points using Square via Square payment gateway. Easily accept credit card payments and verify transactions from your Square dashboard.

Users can purchase myCred points either by selecting packages (fixed amount of points) or entering the number of points they want to buy. Admin can also set quantity restrictions (minimum or maximum) on the number of points a user can purchase.

myCred Square Add-on Features:

  • Fixed Quantity: myCred Square Addon allows Users to purchase a fixed amount of points via Square.
  • Custom Quantity: myCred Square Addon allows users to input the number of points they want to purchase via Square. 
  • Min/Max Quantity: Admin can set a minimum and maximum requirement as to how many points one can purchase.
  • Purchasing Frequency: Admin can set ‘frequency of purchasing’ by per day/week/month
  • Hook Points: Admin can set ‘Hooks Points’ for customers upon purchasing ‘points’
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