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Payeezy (First Data) Payment Gateway For Gravity Forms



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Payeezy payment gateway with Gravity Forms is a extension of gravity form that helps you to collect one time payment and subscription payment using Gravity forms.

Plugin Features

  • Authorized your account by adding Payeezy account credentials.
  • Select Transaction type if product and service or subscription.
  • Form entries contains transaction notes with respective details as id, payment and subscription details for transactions and subscriptions.

Setting Up Payeezy Account

Create a Payeezy account, If you don’t have an account, go to create one. 

Once you have created the account and signed in to Payeezy then you have to create an App to fetch the Payeezay API. Click on the APIs page and then click on + ADD NEW API button.

Enter a name for your application, select Sandbox for Testing Transactions and Subscriptions or select Live for accepting live payments and click on CREATE YOUR APP.


Test Merchant Credentials

Test Merchant credentials by clicking on Merchant Tab. You will see Sandbox button, click on it. It will reveal Merchant Name and Token later to be used in Setting the Payeezy gateway settings.

Payeezy Settings

Feed Settings

Product and Services Feed

Subscription Feed Entry

Front View – Simple Product

Front View – Subscription Product


Version 1.0
16 August 19
Initial Released

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