WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway Pro – Simple & Recurring Payments Addons

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WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway Pro Introduction ​

WooCommerce Sumup Payment Gateway is an extension of WooCommerce and a WordPress plugin that allows users to pay for their Subscription product. Simple product of WooCommerce on your site via SumUp payment gateway. This add-on also supports multiple subscriptions at the same time.

WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway Pro Plugin Features ​

  • Take payments for orders and subscription in WooCommerce via Sumup.
  • Currency for payment in WooCommerce must be set as same as the currency for sumup account being used.
  • Authorize account by one click from sumpup settings in payments menu and sync sumup account with payment gateway.

Payments Tab from WooCommerce Settings

payments woocommerce sumup settings

Admin can enable/disable the SumUp Payment method by clicking the slider button

payments woocommerce sumup gateway pro

Click the Authorization button to authorize a SumUp account

authorization payments woocommerce sumup settings

SumUp Sign-in page

enter account credentials sumpup payment gateway

Authorization Successfully

save changes sumup payment gateway

Test Card credentials:
Card Number: 4532 7597 3454 5858
Card CVV: 111

Checkout page front View

checkout sumup integration pro

WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway Pro Changelogs : ​

  • 2.3 Version
  • 09.March.2021 Last Updated
  • 14.January.2019 Released Date

Version 2.6


Fixed – Constant issue.
Fixed – Conflict with booster plugin.
Fixed – New Order email not received.
Fixed – Conflict issue with JS.
Update – Notices updated

Version 2.5


Fixed – WooCommerce order status updated.
Fixed – Checkout Conflict issue.
Fixed – Support fixes.

Version 2.4


Fixed – Error report conflict with WooCommerce and Sumup.
Added – Local support with LocoTraslate.
Fixed – Support fixes.

Version 2.3


Added – Debug Log Added
Added – Zip Code Feature

Version 2.2


Fixed – Javascript Optimized for better performance

Version 2.1


Removed – Direct payment method removed.
Added – OAuth added in 3D secure widget
Fixed – Performance Optimized

Version 2.0


Added – Add Card Widget with 3Ds functionality.
Added – Multi-language support WPML added.
Update – Direct payment method is not available for new users anymore.
Fixed – Zipcode issue fixed for European countries.
Update – Restricted scopes validation added.

Version 1.6


Fixed – “Payment can not be processed for some technical reason” issues.
Added – Transaction ID now saving in order notes to track transactions.

Version 1.5


Fixed – “Unable to create checkout” error fixed.

Version 1.4


Added – Compatibility with WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin.

Fixed – An issue where the order status wasn’t changing after successful payment using SumUp Direct Method.

Version 1.3


Added – Same page checkout without redirecting to another page.

Added – OAuth Functionality to connect Sumup application with the plugin.

Version 1.2


Fixed – Create Checkout Id Request Failed issue.

Fixed – An issue where card fields won’t appear on the front-end sometimes.

Removed – An Extra function that was causing errors in email sending and inside emails too.

Fixed – An issue where sumup payment image icon was appearing large in size at checkout.

Version 1.1


Update – Checkout requests are more efficient.

Version 1.0


Added – Initial upload.

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