WooCommerce Square Up Payment Gateway Pro – Simple and Recurring Payments.


Note: Valid for Accept Payments Only NOT for Product Sync.


WooCommerce Square up Payment Gateway Pro is a plugin of WooCommerce which supports Simple payments and for Recurring payments, you must have WooCommerce Subscription plugin on your site. A customer can pay for their subscription product or simple product via Square as a payment gateway at checkout.



  • Accept payment for Simple Products.
  • Code structure reviewed by the team at Prospress author of WooCommerce Subscription.
  • This plugin support WooCommerce Subscription Management features:
    • Change Address
    • Change Payment Method
    • Subscription cancellation
    • Subscription suspension
    • Subscription reactivation (after suspending a subscription)
    • Subscription amount changes (recurring amount can be changed for the subscription)
    • Subscription date changes (next payment date can be changed for the subscription)
  • Tokenization: At the time of checkout users can save their payment information for future purchases.
  • Multiple Subscription: Users can purchase more than one subscription in a single transaction.
  • Payment method Change by admin: Store managers are allowed to change payment gateway for Subscriptions or modify the payment gateway on the Edit Subscription screen to anything other than the built-in Manual Renewals gateway.
  • Payment method Change by user: When user’s card expires on a subscription or they want to switch the subscription on the different card other than the one already card on file.
  • Use Square to accept all major credit cards with WooCommerce.
  • Sandbox Support for testing purpose.
  • Take payments for subscriptions which already created in WooCommerce.
  • Square eCommerce payments are only available in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK.
  • User credit card must be saved in the website as prerequisite per square documentation to handle automatic subscription renewal but the user has to allow/confirm permission to apply that.
  • Handle Woocommerce orders/ Subscription refunds through Square application.



Version 1.0
Initial release
Version 1.1
* Update SDK Freemius
* Change freemius indication.
Version 1.2
* Works With Simple + Variable + Subscriptions Products.
Version 1.3
* Renaming slug conflicts
Version 1.4
* Pending payment conflicts
Version 1.5
* Added Subscription Management buttons ( Suspend,Reactivate,Change Address,Change Payment Method ) 
on customer my account page.
Version 1.6
* Updated SDK version.
Version 1.7
* Added - Support for tokenization,subscription_payment_method_change,
subscription_payment_method_change_admin and multiple_subscriptions
 Version 1.8
*Enhancement	- Square Auth Connection.
*Enhancement - App connection filtration.
Version 1.9
*Added	- Auth notice.
Version 2.0
*Added	- Support for free trial before starting subscription.
*Fixed   - The user new card option will show to existing customer only.
Version 2.0.1
*Fixed   - renew token repetition fixed.
Version 2.0.2
Compatible   - with WordPress 5.2
Version 2.0.3
*Fixed   - EXPECTED_INTEGER amount_money.amount
Version 2.0.4 
* Updated Freemius SDK Version 2.3.0
Version 2.0.5 
* Updated Square customer id conficts.
Version 2.0.6 
* Improvement in free trial Subscription.
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