Sumup With Gravity Forms

Information & Requirements

Note: If you are willing to use SumUp in Brazil please contact SumUp Support team at  

Gravity Forms Payment Gateway For Sumup

SumUp Gravity Form Payment Gateway is an extension of Gravity Forms which allows user to pay for their form via SumUp payment gateway. This addon support simple payment.

Step 1 →Go to forms → Settings → SumUp → Click on Connect SumUp Button

OAuth Settings

Step 5 → Insert your SumUp credentials to proceed

Sumup With Gravity Forms

Step 6 → Click on Updatet Settings Button

(You are now successfully connected with SumUp)

connected sumup

Now Enable Sumup Payment For Gravity Form ​

Step 1 → Go to forms →Edit form you need to enable SumUp on it

SumUp Payment For Gravity Form Settings

Step 2 → Now Go to Form Settings → Click on Add new

SumUp Payment For Gravity Form Settings

Step 3 → Select transaction type example “Product and service” and click on update settings button

(Once click on update button SumUp payment will be available for this form)

SumUp Payment For Gravity Form Settings

Front End View

Sumup With Gravity Forms


You can view all entries on this gravity form

SumUp Payment For Gravity Form Settings

Version History & Changelogs​

  • 1.0 Version
  • 20.June.2019 Last Updated
  • 20.June.2019 Released Date

Version : 1.0

Date : 20/06/2019
intial release.

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