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Our Sync WooCommerce with Square extension will help you to migrate & synchronize your products and categories between Square & WooCommerce. Not just that you can even pay with Square at WooCommerce Checkout . Square is free point of sale software which facilitate the process of selling products.

With Pro version all standard product data can be synchronized between WooCommerce and Square POS including price, quantity, categories, images, variations,order total discounts sync from square order, etc. Its Auto Synchronization feature helps to reduce the task and make things easy for you.

With this plugin admin can even manage refunds between WooCommerce and Square. Keeping the testing phase in mind we have integrated Sandbox support as well in payment section, making things easy for developers.

Ever thought to get your orders synchronize from Square to WooCommerce? This extension will do that for you as well.

Still Confused? Try out our Free Version before switching to this Pro. In case you have any pre-sale question you can always ask us over here.



Click here to downloads our free version of this WooCommerce and Square Integration solution.

How it works:
  1. User pay with square at WooCommerce Checkout.
  2. User pay in Square.
  3. Square will connect to your server.
  4. Square update woocommerce inventory.
  5. Transactions reflected on woocommerce orders.
  6. Easy, instant, self managed refunds between WooCommerce & square.
  7. Woocommerce inventory get updated
  1. WooCommerce 2.6.0+
  2. An SSL Certificate.
  3. Square account.
  4. WordPress 4.4+
  5. PHP version 5.5+
  6. All Products must have SKU

Note: Its required that all your products must have SKU value to let this extension Synchronize your products between Square and WooCommerce.



  1. Go to: Woo-Square > Woo-Square.
  2. Log into your Square account or register.
  3. Click here to register your app from Square.
  4. Click on New Application to create App.
  5. Copy Application ID and Personal Access Token from square and paste it to Live/Sandbox Application ID and Live/Sandbox Access Token textbox .
  6. Copy webhook link from wp-admin->Woo-Square then goto “” Webhooks tab in square and Enable Webhooks than paste it on Notification URL than Test Webhooks to get to get 200 response to work order sync smoothly
  7. Now click Authorize to connect with your Square Account.


  1. Select Your Store Location.
  2. Chose Auto Synchronize on or off.
  3. Chose Merging Option.
  4. Chose Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit or update.
  5. Chose Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit or update.
  6. Now click Save Changes to complete your Square Sync Setting.


  1. Go to: Woo-Square > Square Payment.
  2. Enable Square.
  3. Click on Save Changes.


Click here to view our official documentation

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Version:  6.4
Date: 13/03/2019
Added - Square Auth Connection.
Added - Square Sandbox Auth Connection for Payment only. 
Added - Square to WooCommerce order synchronization setting modification. 
Enhancement - Manage Stock management conditions according to processing and refund payment.
Version:  6.2
Date: 17/12/2018
Enhancement – Added compatibility for Wordpress 5.0.1 
Enhancement – Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.5.2 
Added - Time conversion while syncing orders from Square to WooCommerce. 
Enhancement - Manage Stock management conditions.
Version:  6.0
Date: 08/08/2018
Optimization - Code of Order synchronization Square to woocommerce.
Optimization - Code of attributes and variations.
Optimization - Check unchecked option.
Improvement - Improve square form payment script.
Added - Validation between square recurring and WooSquare pro.
Added - Html escape option for woocommerce content.
Version:  5.6
Date: 03/04/2018
Update - Update payment form labels.
Version:  5.5
Date: 14/03/2018
Added - Option to Filter square order emails to woocommerce. 
Added - Sync Check unchecked option. 
Update - Webhook Square to Woocommerce activation upgradation 
Update - Stock Level with default function.
Version:  5.1
Date: 22/02/2018
Added - Code compatibility with square order itemization. 
Update - item price int filtered. 
Update - Global and custom attributes optimized.
Version: 4.9
Date: 29/01/2018
Added - Code improvement Order sync square to WooCommerce filtered with custom amount orders. 
Update - WooCommerce to Square multi variations uppercase lowercase compatibility. 
Update - Square to WooCommerce multi variations sync space trims.
Version : 4.5
Date: 15/12/2017
Added - Order sync square to WooCommerce item filters. 
Added - Sandbox Square payment only enable on Admins role user.
Version : 4.2
Date: 18/11/2017
Fixed - Square confliction of transactions_id
Version : 4.1
Date: 16/11/2017
Fixed - Square to WooCommerce order creation code update according to the square double notification. 
Fixed - Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit, update or delete? 
Fixed - Inventory only updates on the square when place order from Woocommerce. 
Fixed - Duplicated product overwrites the existing product’s information in the square dashboard.
Version : 3.7
Date : 05/10/2017
Optimization - Optimization of code with Multiple square stores locations conflicts.
Version : 3.6
Date : 13/09/2017
Added - Multiple square stores locations with CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING filtration 
possibilities ( Again authorized to fetch more square store locations )
Version : 3.5
Date: 15/08/2017
Added - Send Customer info (First name and last name) option to the square order section. 
Added - Validation for synchronization only work's on live API.
Version : 3.4
Date : 20/07/2017
Update - Sync Simple product with custom attributes woocommerce to square and 
square to woocommerce.
Update - Sync Simple product with global attributes woocommerce
to square and square to woocommerce.
Update - Sync Simple product with global and custom attributes
woocommerce to square and square to woocommerce.
Update - Sync Variable product with custom attributes with its
variations woocommerce to square and square to  woocommerce.
Update - Sync Variable product with global attributes with its variations woocommerce to square 
and square to woocommerce.
Update - Sync Variable product with global and custom 
attributes with variations woocommerce to square and square to woocommerce.
Version : 3.3 
Date: 30/06/2017  
Update - Order total discount Sync from square to WooCommerce orders.  
Added - PHP compatibility must be greater than 5.5+ else plugin deactivate.
Version : 3.2
Date: 23/06/2017
Added - While order Sync from square to WooCommerce if a product and its category 
not exist so create product and category.
Version : 3.1
Date : 06/06/2017
Fixed bug - now on switching stores product will do get synchronized.
Version : 3.0
Date : 02/06/2017
Added - sync multiples attributes with multiples terms on simple products.
Added - sync multiples variations with multiples attributes variable product.
Update - Add multiple and single attributes with variable 
product with variations.
Update - Change callback functions for order synchronization.
Version : 2.9 Date : 24/05/2017 Update - added existing category check while synchronizing products from WooCommerce to Square.
Version : 2.8 Date : 11/05/2017 Add - Payment Support for Japan market. Update - Tested with WordPress 4.7.4
Version : 2.7 Date : 08/05/2017 Update : Further updates for WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility.
Version : 2.6 Date : 04/05/2017 Bug fix - error message started to appear after WooCommerce 3.0 fixes which was as following “Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods.
Version : 2.5 Date : 13/04/2017 Feature - Added support for Uk for square payment gateway. Feature - Added compatibility with woocommerce 3.0x . Bug fix - confliction issue with free version Pro - WooCommerce Square Integration. Bug fix - bug in checkout options enabled table.
Version : 2.4 Date : 31/03/2017 Fix - variable products variations price decimal issue. Fix - Refund issue
Version : 2.3 Date : 15/03/2017 Fix - multiple varaiation sync product woo to squ and squ to woo demo video link Fix - Web hook was giving 500 error on test as reported in support
Version : 2.2 Date : 01/02/2017 Feature - Support added of square payment gateway for Australia as well.
Version : 1.0.1 Date : 03/02/2016 Fix - modify the variable name on square class. Feature - Add validation before Auto/Manual Sync process to ensure there is no other Sync process running in the same time to avoid duplicate records.
Version : 1.0.2 Date : 21/02/2016 Fix - increase the maximum execution time of the sync process request to avoid timeout error. Feature - Add button to manualy terminate the current running sync process.
Version : 1.0.3 Date : 29/02/2016 Fix - Add validation for callback page if it is called via test tool of square. Fix - use wordpress media to upload images instead of file_get_content function
Version : 1.0.4 Date : 07/03/2016 Fix - Add ability to manage Square account with different locations based on the new updates of Square API.
Version : 1.1 Date : 19/12/2016 Fix - Avoid duplicated imported products' images. Fix - US accounts which have multiple locations. Fix - Square-> WooCommerce adding image upload to variable products featured images. Fix - When Syncing Woo to Square and Square to Woo , Products are getting duplicated. Fix - Some Warning errors appearing on saving product. Fix - Error report if Sku missing Woocommerce to Square and Square to woocommerce in simpley product and variable product on run time.
Version : 2.1 Date : 23/01/2017 Fix - hyphen was appearing variations title . Now title of variations will appear as save in square.
Version : 2.0
Date : 09/01/2017 Now you can pay with Square at WooCommerce checkout. Added support for live and sandbox Square payment API. Added settings tab for Square payment gateway in backend. Added support for live and sandbox Square payment API. Add Pop-up to select Categories and products to synchronize and select which will be added, updated or deleted. New logs page to display the logs (successful/failed) transferred products/categories which displays category/product name, synchronization type (manual/automatic), synchronization direction (woo -> square or square -> woo), action (add, update or delete) with a hint message in case of failed transfers. On setting section plugin new setting "Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit or update "
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