Square Payment Gateway for WC Vendors

1.Introduction #

This plugin integrates Square Payment Gateway with WC Vendor allowing admin to connect a Square account and Authorize a Vendor through OAuth functionality in a Square application. Admin and Vendor can split payment and give each other dues separately. It also allows the vendor to connect Square account by clicking on Authorize.

2.Features #

  • Authorize a vendor to square account.
  • Admin and vendor can collect their split payment separately through square.
  • Admin can get square payment data from his account and update it in WordPress.

3.How it works #

Step 1

Square Gateway Plugin Settings

  • To update plugin settings from your WordPress Dashboard, Go to WooCommerce tab. Under that you will find Settings → Payments → Square Gateway.
  • You can get all the data from Square account, you will have to provide production credentials.
  • Application ID.
  • Location ID.
  • Access token.
  • Application secret.
  • Copy Redirect URL from Square Settings in payments tab from your WordPress, and paste it in square application’s OAuth tab in Redirect URL field.
  • Click on Save Changes.
  • Square Account View



    Backend View



    Step 2

    Vendor Settings / Authorization Button

  • Login the Vendor profile from WordPress.
  • Click on “ Authorize this application”.
  • A Vendor can connect to his square account by pressing “Authorize this application” button in shop Settings tab, the system will get the Vendor Location ID.


    Get permission from Square

    After clicking on “Authorize this application”, the system will redirect the Vendor to Square to get permission.



  • After the vendor has clicked Authorize this application button and allowed the application with permissions, the plugin will fetch the information from the merchant Square account and authorize the vendor.
  • A vendor can Unauthorize from the square account if they so choose or require, by clicking the Unauthorize button in the shop Settings tab.


    Step 3

    Front View of Check out



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