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Square Payment Gateway for WC Vendors Documentation

1.Introduction #

This plugin offers integration with WC Vendor and Square Payment Utility for Admins who can authorize their Vendors through OATH Functionality at Square Payment Application.

The main feature of this plugin is to split the shares of every product that would be displayed for sale by Vendors. Shares will be set by admin of the site and plugin.

Therefore every purchase will get break in different chunks of shares that includes tax, square gateway charges, vendor’s share and admin’s share etc.

2.Features #

  • Authorize a vendor to square account.
  • Admin and vendor can collect their split payment separately through square.
  • Admin can get square payment data from his account and update it in WordPress.

3.Requirements #

  • WooCommerce.
  • WC Vendors
  • Square Account.

4.How it works #

1. Installation of WC Vendor Plugin

First of all admin will install WC Vendor Plugin

After that admin will go in Settings and then in General Tab. Here admin can checkmark the fields according to the business need.

Then admin will go in Commission Tab> set the percentage of amount that would go to the vendors and save it.

2. Square Payment Gateway Configuration of Admin

Admin will access Square payment website and then will sign in by utilizing credentials.

After that admin needs to go in credentials tab then Sandbox Application Id and copy it.

After that at backend this copied id needs to be pasted at highlighted part in below image.

Next Step is to unhide Sandbox Access Token and copy it

And save it in highlighted backend admin panel

Next step is to go in Square Account Oath Tab and unhide the highlighted key and copy it.

The copied key needs to be paste in following backend admin module.

Then Admin will pick the location ID from following tab of Square Account

And it will be paste at below option in backend admin panel

3. Vendor Registration and Product Configuration

Vendors will visit our site link and register themselves so the user id and password will be routed on specified email address of vendor. After that user will sign in and following screen will appear. From this menu a new product can be added.

4. Square Payment Configuration for Vendors

Vendor will go in Shop Settings Menu and then he will click on Connect with Square button. By clicking on this button Vendor’s account will link with the square payment module of Admin and the payment options will work as per terms of admin.

Upon clicking Connect To Square button Vendor will be routed to below permission screen from where he has to mark it Allow.

Square Account of Vendor

Vendor can see all the transaction from his Square Account.

Customer Interface and Transaction Details for Square Plugin

Customer will visit the site and select the product.  We can see that the product displays the name of vendor who has added this product.

Customer will go for final checkout and payment option

Order Screen

Vendor Backend Orders List

Now Vendor can see the transactions and received amount against every order for his products.

We can see in the highlighted image that Vendor has received $14 in his bucket when the price of product is $20 as Admin has offered him 70% shares for every sale.

Admin Backend Orders List

Same ordered product with split amount can be seen at Admin Backend Panel.

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