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Easy Digital Downloads with Square

Information & Requirements

Note1: Square eCommerce payments are only available in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK.

Note2: Plugin Compatibility with EDD New Version 3.0

Easy Digital Downloads is a complete eCommerce solution for selling digital products like eBooks, WordPress plugins, Themes, PDF files, Photos, Videos, and other types of media files. Easy Digital Downloads is simple to use and offers cleanly designed cart elements.

Square is the only payment gateway with a free online store feature that automatically connects to Square payments. It is helping more than two million businesses to accept fast, reliable, and secure payments anywhere, anytime.

Square Easy Digital Downloads EDD Payment plugin is a WordPress plugin that gives your customers the ability to pay for and download digital products on your online e-store. This plugin has an integrated Square payment gateway that processes simple credit card payments.

Easy Digital Downloads With Square Plugin Features:

  • Fully Functional Cart System: Allow your customers to purchase multiple downloads simultaneously using the shopping cart system.
  • File Downloads: Allow customers to download their purchased files multiple times or restrict file downloads by time or attempt.
  • File Access Control: All product files are restricted to authorized/paid customers only.
  • Payment History: View payment history for all the digital products sold through Square account. 
  • Download Activity Tracking: Easily track date, time, and even IP address of all purchased and downloaded files.

Easy Digital Downloads With Square Plugin Setting Process:

STEP# 1: You need to add Easy Digital Downloads to the Square account. Also, set the Square logo to be displayed in the frontend.

STEP #2: Add Square application settings to integrate with EDD (Token – Application ID – Location ID). The testing credit card must be processed using the following data:

Card Number: 4532 7597 3454 5858
Card CVV: 111

Shopping Cart And Checkout Page (Front End): ​:

Here is a glimpse of how a customer will see shopping cart and checkout page for Easy digital downloads with Square plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads with Square

You can view payment history through the square as well. Payment meta will contain the gateway type ‘Square’ and transaction_ID.

Easy Digital Downloads with Square

Version History & Changelogs​

  • 1.0.6 Version
  • 16.August.2018 Last Updated
  • 17.June.2021 Released Date


Date : 17/06/2021
fixed : SDK updated
Added : Ireland currency support (EURO)
Tested up to WordPress Version 5.7.2
Tested up to Easy Digital Downloads Version 2.10.5


Date : 18/10/2019
Updated – Freemius SDK Version 2.3.1


Date : 07/04/2019
Updated – Freemius SDK Version 2.3.0


Date : 13/05/2019
Updated – Location id update on different params.


Date : 27/02/2019
Updated – Freemius SDK.


Date : 16/08/2018
Updated – Freemius SDK.


* Initial Release.

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