Square Payment Gateway for Dokan

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Information & Requirments

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Square Payment Gateway For Dokan Introduction

Integrate Square Payment Gateway with Dokan Multivendor Plugin which splits payment between admin and vendor and give each other dues separately. Also allow vendor to connect his/her Square account by clicking on Authorize.

Square Payment Gateway For Dokan Plugin Features

  • Admin and Vendor can collect their payment dues separately through Square.
  • Vendor should have an account on Square. 
  • Vendor can get his location once Authorized account through Square
  • Admin can get Square payment data from his account and update it in WordPress.

Plugin Settings

To update plugin settings from your WordPress Dashboard

Go to WooCommerce Settings Payment Tab → Square Gateway.

You can get required data from Square account.

Back End View ​

Vendor Settings ​

Vendor can connect to his Square gateway account by pressing Authorize system will get vendor location ID.

Get Permissions From Square ​

Checkout From Front-end ​

Square Payment Gateway For Dokan Changelogs : ​

Version 1.0
* Initial Released
Version 1.0.1
* Freemius SDK updated version 2.3.1
Version 1.2
* FIXED - Shipping & Tax will be receiving to admin/vendor depend on dokan plugin setting.
* FIXED - Square fields reinitialize on click terms checkbox.
* FIXED - postal code issue.
* FIXED - Amount Type issue.
* ADDED - Admin Auth.
* ADDED - Sandbox setting.
* ADDED - Transaction ID will be saving in order notes.
* ADDED - Square errors will be saving in order notes.
* ADDED - Proper square error reporting in checkout page.
* UPDATED - Commission will be calculating on subtotal.
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