Square Payment Gateway for Formidable Integration

1.Introduction #

Formidable Plugin that allows admin to create payment form by form builder plugin and integrate with the square payment gateway.

2.Features & Requirements #

  • Integrate payment method with forms Builder
  • Custom show and hide fields.
Plugins Required

3.How to use Plugin #

    • Go to Forms → Global Settings → Square
    • Add square payment account info
    • Click on update options

Create form by the forms builder
    • Go to forms → Add New
    • Enter form title
    • Drag Square fields
    • Drag Number filed (to allow admin or user to set amount will deduct from user)
    • Conditional logic: from this option admin can use two options (show or hide) based on many of conditions.
    • Click on create

Allow admin or user to use deducted amount
  • Go to Settings Tab → Forms Action → click on the square from add a new action.
  • Go to Amount field and click on a set amount.
  • According to field number added in form builder, you have two options to added by allow admin to specify the amount or allow a user to put amount by his side from front end through
  • Enter amount will be deducted from the user (specified by admin)

  • Select field number to allow a user to add amount by his side will deduct from his account.

Use conditional to do this action or not
  • Click on conditional logic
  • Select from the drop down if you need do or don’t do (payment action) according to these conditions.
  • Click on update

View all forms entries
  • Go to entries
  • You can view all transactions details
  • You can filter all transactions by forms

View Transaction Details
  • Click on view from entries list
  • You can view transaction details and status (paid or not paid)

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