WooCommerce Stripe Card JS

1.Introduction #

Plugin purpose

Integrate WooCommerce with Stripe using Card JS and Stripe Connect API. Quickly, accept credit card payments using the Stripe payment gateway directly on your WordPress Site. Customers can use the Stripe card option on the checkout page.


2.Plugin Description #

Plugin Features

  • Easy to setup.
  • Account Authorization.
  • Get payment instantly.
  • Stripe supports the ability to refund charges made to your account.
  • Stripe lets users view credit card info once enter the card number.

Required plugins



3.Installation #

  • Download the WooCommerce Stripe Card JS zip file.
  • Go to Plugins ➜ Add New ➜ Upload.

  • Click Choose File.
  • Select & Upload WooCommerce Stripe Card JS zip file.
  • Click Install Now.

  • Activate Plugin.

4.Stripe Card Settings #

  • Go to WooCommerce ➜ Settings ➜ Payment Tab.
  • Enable Stripe Credit Card.
  • Click Manage.

  • Check Enable.
  • Enter Title & Description.
  • Click on “Authorization“.

You can also enable test mode in order to process test payments.

  • If you have a Stripe account then click on sign-in on the top right corner.
  • Otherwise, fill out the form and sign up.

  • Click Authorize access.

5.Front-End #

You’ll Find Pay with Stripe Credit Card option on check out Page.

6.Refund Via Stripe Credit Card #

  • Go to WooCommerce ➜ Orders.
  • Edit order paid via Stripe Credit Card.
  • Click Refund in the Items section.

  • Enter the Refund Amount.
  • Choose Refund Via Stripe Credit Card.

7.View Transactions on Stripe Dashboard #

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