WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms Documentation

1.Introduction #

WorldPay payment gateway that integrates with Gravity Forms that allows users to use normal payment. And refund option.

Plugin Features:

2.Plugin Setup #


A. Installation Guide:

  1. Signup or Login with your existing “Gravity Forms” account.
  2. Download the plugin zip file from page.
  3. Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins
  4. Click on the“Add New” button in the top left corner.
  5. Click the “Upload” plugin button and upload the zip file of the plugin which you have downloaded earlier.
  6. Once the plugin has been successfully installed then click the “Activate” button.

B. Prerequisites:

  1. Gravity Form (required)

3.Plugin Description #

A. Worldpay Gateway Settings:
1. You must have a Worldpay account.
2. Login to your Worldpay account.

gravity forms with world pay

3. Then go to Settings > API keys
4. In the API keys section, find the following details:

I. Service Keyii. Client Key

e. Using these API keys, connect your Worldpay account with Gravity Forms.

B. Gravity Forms Settings:

  • Worldpay Credentials Settings:
      1. Copy the Service and Client Key from your Worldpay account > Settings > API Keys section.
      2. After that go to the main Settings of Gravity Forms and click on Worldpay tab
      3. Enter the Service & Client key into their respective fields.
      4. Click on the “Update Settings” button.


  • Create a New Form:
      1. Go to the Gravity “Forms” menu.
      2. Click the “Add New” button that is appearing on the top left corner. 


      1. When you click on the “Add New” button, you’ll see a box that is asking for the Title and Description of the new form.
      2. Enter your form Title and Description.
      3. Click the “Create Form” button.

      1. You can add the following fields to your form:
        1. Standard Fields
        2. Advanced Fields
        3. Post Fields
        4. Pricing Fields
      2. The form field toolbox consists of an accordion interface.
      3. Select the form field that you would like to add to your form.
      4. To add a field to your form simply click on the form field you would like to add and it will be added to the bottom of your form.
      5. To reorder fields on your form, drag and drop them to arrange them in the desired order.
      6. You must have to add the both fields “Products” and “Credit Card” into your form for Worldpay payment.
      7. Click the “Update” button to save your new form settings. 

  • Create a Worldpay Feeds:
      1. Click the“Edit” link on your form.

      1.  Add new feed by clicking on the “Add New” button.


      1. Give your feed a unique name.
      2. From the drop-down menu of transaction type, select the “Product and Services” option.


      1. Determine the Payment Amount option.
      2. Map your Form Fields, in the section of “Billing Information”.


  • How to Find the Form ID:
      1. Navigate to the Dashboard and click on the Forms and
      2. Find the form you need the ID for, and click on it.
      3. The form ID is listed to the right of the form name. (e.g: ID: 9)



  • Gravity Form Shortcode:
      1. Create a Post/Page to add a shortcode.
      2. Use this shortcode to display the form in the frontend.


  • Form Fronted View:
      1. Thank you message will appear after successful payment.


  • Form Entries:
      1. You can view all form submitted generated entries.


      1. The Entry page allows the admin to view the complete information of the entry.
      2. In this page, admin are able to see the following details:
        1. User Details
        2. Notes
        3. Entry 
        4. Notifications
        5. Payment Details
      3. You can find the order on WorldPay via Transaction ID which is appearing on the “Payment Details” metabox.

  • Order Transactions:
      1. View your order details on Worldpay under “Orders” tab.

  • Refund Option:
      1. You have an option to “Refund” customers.

  • Order Refunded:
      1. When you refund the order the status order will be changed from “Success” to “Refunded”.

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