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  • WordPress 4+
  • PHP 5+
  • Woocommerce plugin.
  • Woocommerce currency setting must be the same currency selected in Hipay (Woocommerce–>Settings–>General).  (Otherwise, payment shall give an error)

View documentation for more info 

Woocommerce Hipay plugin is a WordPress payment gateway plugin that allows you to handle Woocommerce orders payments and orders refunds through Hipay Plugin


  • Use Hipay to accept all payments of orders via Hipay.
  • Hipay payment is available in all countries which use the USD currency. Or have the bank account in USD currency.
  • Handle Woocommerce orders refunds.


  • Register to Hipay get website ID.

New order via Hipay

  • Order created successfully
    • Order status will be “processing” in woocommerce .
  • Order Status will be “completed” in hipay.

Refund order via Hipay or Woocommerce

  • Full refunded order, status will be “ refunded” in woocommerce.
  • Full refunded order, status will be “ refunded” with refund type “Full” in Hipay.
  • Partially Refund
    • Order partially refunded, status will be “ processing” in woocommerce.
  • Order partially refunded, status will be “ refunded” and refund type will be “Partial”in Hipay.
  • If user stop payment processing, admin can retry payment again from hipay.
    • Order stop payment status will be “refund” in Hipay.
  • Order stop payment status will be “ Pending payment” in woocommerce.


Version : 1.0 
Date : 25/03/2019 
intial release.
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