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The rapid evolution of technology around the world is getting better every day. Today, in the fintech industry, multiple innovations have emerged to ease human life and living standards at all times. While the COVID ’19 Pandemic has put human life at risk, the lockdown situation has caused businesses, SMEs, and companies to close. The payment mechanism is also moving towards cashless payment systems. The use of contactless payment solutions is incredibly the best fit in this era that offers users convenience and reliability. The financial institutions and businesses are the factors to observe social distancing and decreased movements. Instead, everything in the financial sector is moving towards digitalization.

In particular, making things safe and secure for your cashiers, shifting towards cashless payment systems can also make streamlined and data-intensive transactions. For Instance, the customers purchase via woocommerce square payment gateway plugin using a credit card or mobile wallet. The merchant automatically receives the customer’s email address from the last time they paid with the card on a Square POS, enabling you to send an email receipt or sign up for the loyalty program. Moving towards cashless POS would also save an enormous amount of money, enabling you to deal with the cost of measuring and cash transportation.
Let’s have a look at these eye-opening stats via Square official site


If you’re running a WordPress based eCommerce site and wants to integrate Square Payment Gateway then we have some highly utilizable plugins and add-ons recommendations for you.

Here you go!

WP EasyPay

WP EasyPay is a smart business-oriented extension that enables you to integrate Square Payment Gateway for your WordPress site within minutes. It generated dynamic buttons using shortcodes that allow payment form on your WordPress site with your Square account. This extension works perfectly for accepting square payments, subscriptions, recurring payments, and recurring donations. Moreover, you can easily maintain square transaction notes, manage reports, and generate email notifications via the Admin Panel.
This extension is well-suited for making cashless transactions via the Square Payment plugin, the result-driven professionals strongly recommend this extension for digital payments (cashless transactions).


  • Intuitive Form Builder
  • Enhanced Single Form Layout
  • Generates Subscription Reports
  • Sandbox Supported
  • Types of Payments
  • Email Notifications
  • Popup form layout
  • Multi-Step Form
  • Customizable Thank You Page


WooSquare Plus is an intuitive, robust, and securable automation solution that efficiently assists Square users to synchronize their online WooCommerce store with the Square platform. Not only it enables you to integrate Square Payment woocommerce plugin checkout, and this facilitates the method of merchandising your payment gateways.
The professional versions give you the overall product knowledge synchronized between WooCommerce and Square POS, i.e., stock, categories, images, variations, total order, and discounts. Are you looking for a specific way to get your merchandising orders synchronized from Square to WooCommerce? The plugin performs precisely the same functions as needed.


  • Synchronizes Products or Items to Both Platforms
  • Manual or Auto Synchronization
  • Safe & Secure Transactions
  • Auto Sync Variations Based on Attributes
  • Synchronize Order Refunds


GiveWP Square for WordPress extensions enables users to donate via give-donation form using Square Payment Gateway’. This extension allows you to accept credit card donations instantly on your site without surpassing visitors to leave your site.
The online procedure is instant and easy – you can add the square payment option to your form build using GiveWP. Using the GiveWP Square plugin for WordPress, you’ll have an opportunity to build a simplistic donation form or customized donation form with a multi-level donation (dropdown selectable menu), a list of fixed amounts of donations, or a custom amount field.
GiveWP for Square comprises an integrated Sandbox Supportability with the latest version of SQUARE V2 API, allowing you to test transactions in the Square Dashboard before deploying it online.


  • Builds GiveWP donation forms to get integrated with the Square Payment Gateway.
  • Implement different square payment configurations required for each donation form.
  • If no settings are incorporated, the general or global square settings can be automatically applied.
  • Add Pricing Field of Square Credit Card selected per donation form
  • Multi-Level donation feature or custom dropdown menu
  • Set up minimum and maximum donations amount limits in the donation forms
  • Integrated sandbox supported with the latest version of SQUARE V2 API.


Square for Gravity Forms is an integrated WordPress plugin that enables users to pay their direct or recurring payments with gravity forms using the Square payment plugin. Earlier, the users could only either pay direct ‘one-time’ payments with Pay with Square in Gravity Form or recurring payments using Gravity Form Square Recurring extension.
The users can connect multiple square accounts to a particular Gravity Forms and notifies it for every successful transaction. Furthermore, the Gravity Forms Square plugin also supports sandbox’s latest version, SQUARE V2 API, in particular, to see and test transactions in a Square Dashboard.


  • Process direct (one-time) transactions with Gravity Forms using the Square Payment Gateway.
  • Process recurring (automatic) transactions with Gravity Forms, add a subscription cycle and extend its renewal.
  • Order Synchronization – Simply Tracks and Manages Order from Gravity Forms on your Square Account’s Dashboard.
  • After the payment is processed, an email gets notified to both the admin and the user.
  • Supports SCA – the users can experience the SCA Testing Functionality.


myCred Square is an integrated add-on that allows users to buy myCred points to simplify the payment module configuration that communicates with the square payment gateway WordPress. The points can be purchased and viewed in the following ways:

    • Fixed Quantity – Users can easily buy a fixed amount of points
    • Custom Quantity – Users can input the required number of points to purchase
    • Minimum/Maximum Quantity – Admin can set up minimum and maximum requirements as to how many points one can purchase
    • Frequency Purchasing – Admin can set up a ‘frequency of purchasing’ based on per day, week, or month.
    • Hook Points – Admin can set ‘Hook Points’ for consumers on purchasing ‘points.’


To sum up, the rise in cashless payment gateways has drastically improved the notion of cashless payment services in the consumer marketplace. According to the above discussion, Square Payment Gateway is heavily impacting the people’s attention to move towards  Cashless payment methods. Hence, there are many square extensions, but the above ones surpass all of them.

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