Benefits of Square Payment Gateway for Membership Sites

In recent times, e-commerce has become incredibly popular. By 2023, it is anticipated that user engagement will be 50% in digital commerce. The benefits of digital payments have never been particularly profitable for businesses, especially for WooCommerce membership sites. However, online digital payment systems have become vital in opening business opportunities. Therefore, the Square Payment Gateway plugin for online services like membership sites is crucial.

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It offers the ability to accept payments using credit or debit cards and streamlines digital commerce. Whether you sell services, goods, or any other digital commodity doesn’t matter.

Here, you will find a comprehensive knowledge of how the Square payment gateway plugin benefits WooCommerce and how easy it is to use. This post can significantly assist you as the process can affect how many leads you convert.

Payment Gateway – How It Works

A payment gateway like square payment gateway is an online tool to prevent and secure buyers’ information in a WooCommerce environment.

A digital payment gateway is the prevention tool for your buyers’ payment information. An online payment gateway uses data encryption to provide user and authorized bank information, protecting sensitive data and minimizing financial risks to eCommerce businesses. A payment gateway that checks credit limits protects shops from old credit cards, low bank balances, digital accounts that have been closed, and fraudulent transactions.

Financial data breaches have become a global norm for e-commerce businesses. Thus, every membership site owner must have a plausible financial payment gateway solution for their clients’ payment security.

Square Payment Gateway – How It Works

Square enables square payments for WooCommerce. WooCommerce sellers can accept credit card payments through a gateway that sends financial information over a secure channel. Square keeps transaction fees to a bare minimum of 2.75 percent, or 3.7 percent plus 15 cents for manual transactions. They also offer software and point-of-sale services.

Top Benefits of Square Payment Gateway

24/7 Functional

A payment gateway ensures your website is still open when you return from your workplace after a long day at work. Spending with credit cards online is significantly rising, and this trend is expected to continue. It lets the owners of membership sites make money and get paid even when they’re not online. This means that other businesses can work around the clock.

Extensive Reach to Global Audiences

You may open your doors to the entire world, which is one of the most intriguing features of accepting payments online. Over 50% of online buyers like to shop across borders, so your membership continues to be active for additional foreign customers. The ability to increase your global presence and ROI is thus one of the main advantages of using a Square payment gateway.

Buy Anything You Wish

If you observe online, you will notice that impulse buying accounts for a considerable portion of all e-commerce spending. Giving your customers access to a digital platform with a payment gateway enables them to make purchases whenever they want. They might therefore view their preferred movie while making the purchase.

Online Financial Security

An online payment gateway is a critical component of an e-commerce framework, particularly for WooCommerce membership sites, in terms of security. The most important feature of a payment gateway is that it protects your money. Because of this, credit card fraud on an e-commerce platform happens less often and harder.

A payment gateway enables users to authenticate themselves to complete a safe transfer of money from their accounts to the account used for online purchases. Keeping the whole payment flow in mind, a digital payment gateway provides security protections like a square payment gateway.

Exceptional Buyer Journey

The need for payment gateways has increased substantially across the world. Some of the significant reasons behind the increase are money-making, time-saving, and discount-driven membership sites. Simple API-based apps have helped online e-commerce service providers become better. Recent improvements in data use, delivery configuration, and responsive design are also good signs.

Effectively, the WooCommerce framework is flawed in the absence of a reliable payment gateway solution. The exponential rise of eCommerce marketplaces urges website owners to integrate top payment gateways like the Square payment gateway.

You Get Analytics

Photos of purchased items can be seen on receipts thanks to a Square function. Eastland uses this to track sales, and Adams claims it helps see trends and keep in touch while he’s gone. You can comfortably see how busy you are and what your best-selling items are without needing to be there every hour.

Saves You Money and Time

Small businesses are frequently subjected to arbitrary fees from credit card issuers and bound by costly, lengthy contracts. The Square Payment gateway delivers straightforward, flat-rate pricing with no setup fees, authorization fees, statement fees, refund fees, PCI compliance fees, or business card fees. You will be charged nothing!

Integration of Square Payment Gateway with WP EasyPay – A WordPress Plugin

With WP EasyPay, integration of Square as a WordPress payment gateway into your membership website becomes seamless. You need absolutely zero coding knowledge or other plugins. Using dedicated buttons, you can make any type of payment via WP EasyPay, including contributions, subscriptions, and recurring payments.

You Get some irresistible Features with WP EasyPay:

  • There is a sandbox environment for developers to test.
  • Successful notifications regarding email transactions
  • Payments are done in the absence of API codes.
  • Creation of schedule for a single recurring payment.
  • Every payment must be made through a single button.

You need the following to integrate WP EasyPay for Square Payment Gateway

  • PHP 5.5 or higher.
  • An operational account of the square payment gateway
  • Authenticate SSL certificates
  • WordPress v4.8 or above is needed.

Final Words

Payment processing is the most frequently overlooked step in creating an e-commerce website. Nevertheless, it must be a top priority due to its effect on your seamless checkout page’s conversion rate. For e-commerce to succeed, it would need to make payment processing as inclusive, simple, and secure as possible.

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