WooCommerce’s Store API is finally STABLE!

The Store API is something that the WooCommerce developers have been working on for the past two years. According to the organization, along with WooCommerce 6.4 release and WooCommerce Blocks 7.2, the Store API can be considered stable. It has been tested, finalized, and can be used by developers more comfortably. 

Developers have been working on the Store API along with Checkout and Cart blocks which have enabled it to power various product Blocks along with the new Block-based Cart and the Checkout experience.

Store API

What Exactly is the Store API?

The WooCommerce Store API offers public REST API endpoints for the development of product functionality, checkout, and customer-facing cart.

Though the Store API is mostly used by the Checkout and Cart Blocks, it is built to perform independently so it can be used by anyone. 

Luckily, developers who have worked with APIs in the past should be familiar with the Store API as it follows the patterns used in the WordPress Rest API.

Have you tried the Store API yet? If not, it’s about time you give it a go and share your feedback in the comments section below.

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