WooCommerce to Square order sync Add-on

This product has been discontinued by WP Experts. Don’t worry! We’re working on it make better improvements so that we can bring it back – better, faster, stronger. For more information & updates, visit and subscribe wpexperts.


Information & Requirements

  • You need to install the WooSquare Pro plugin first before using the Woocommerce to Square order sync addon. 
  • WooSquare Pro – Square for WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Square Account.
  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • WooCommerce.
  • PHP version 5.5 or greater.

WooSquare Plus is a robust and secure automation solution that helps you migrate & synchronize your products and categories between Square & WooCommerce and vice versa.

The Woocommerce to Square Order sync add-on helps you synchronize WooCommerce’s orders to the Square Payment section from WooCommerce checkout. Woocommerce to Square Order Sync Add-on provides you the ability to sync orders so that you can easily track and manage your WooCommerce orders.

WooCommerce To Square Order Sync Add-On Features:

  • Monitor your Woocommerce sales from the Square payment section.
  • Order itemization will help you to send item information like taxes, discounts, and breakdown of items from WooCommerce to Square dashboard.
  • Order IDs from the respective platform will be displayed on a single page.
  • It helps you to analyze item descriptions at one glance.
  • After activating this add-on, all orders will synchronize to Square. 

Limitations of this add-on:

This Add-on doesn’t support WooCommerce shipping. To use its advanced features and more options, switch to WooSquare Plus.

WooCommerce To Square Order Sync Add-On Installation Procedure:

First, you have to download this Addon from Codecanyon.net, before installing it in your WordPress site, WooSquare Pro should already be activated. As soon as you activate this Addon, all orders will synchronize to Square, if the payment gateway is Square.

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