Best WooCommerce Square Plugin Alternatives (2024)

Best WooCommerce Square Plugin Alternatives [2024]

Seven out of 10 websites in the US or Canada utilized Square as a checkout option in 2023. It shows the importance of a prominent payment solution, enabling millions of e-commerce store owners to exceed customers’ expectations regularly. However, many are unaware of the best WooCommerce Square plugin alternatives that can also offer users more payment options.

The WooCommerce Square plugin seamlessly integrates the Square platform with WooCommerce. However, the plugin does not fulfill the demands of every online business.

Hence, they should focus on using plugins other than WooCommerce Square that bring undeniable success to a range of online stores through a streamlined checkout process and maximized profitability.

Interestingly, they can rely on various WooCommerce Square plugin alternatives that help them effortlessly optimize their WooCommerce stores.

This guide will discuss some of the most effective WooCommerce Square plugin alternatives.

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Square Plugin Alternatives?

WooCommerce Square is a WordPress plugin that helps you synchronize inventory and product data between Square POS and WooCommerce.

However, the WooCommerce Square plugin is not suitable for every online business.

Therefore, you need other plugins that enable you to optimize your online store to cater to the needs of your target audience.

In this scenario, WooCommerce Square plugin alternatives come in handy.

Best WooCommerce Square Plugin Alternatives

Here is the list that consists of different Square competitors you can use to empower your online store:

1.  WooSquare Pro

WooSquare Pro

WooSquare Pro, a brainchild of APIExperts, is an excellent WordPress plugin. You can use this plugin as a Square user when synchronizing your WooCommerce store with the Square platform online.

Key Features of the WooSquare Pro Plugin

  • The plugin helps customers synchronize items between Square and WooCommerce stores, such as product categories, product variations, discounts quantity, etc.
  • The plugin allows you to accept simple or one-time payments by connecting your Square account with the Square for WooCommerce plugin.
  • It accepts various digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. The plugin accepts ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments and CartFlows.
  • Sandbox API lets customers test transactions on Square accounts.


  • The regular license of WooSquare Pro is available at $79.

You can read more about WooSquare Pro and WooCommerce Square in this blog post.

2.  WP EasyPay

WP EasyPay

WP EasyPay is an exclusive Square payment plugin. The plugin enables you to accept Square payments on your WordPress website.

Through WP Easy, customers can receive various payments, including simple donations, subscriptions, and recurring donations. In addition, they can accept credit card payments hassle-free.

Key Features of the WP EasyPay Plugin

  • Users can easily integrate Square with the WP EasyPay plugin to simplify website payment processing.
  • Customers and admins will receive a notification email after the completion of every payment.
  • The plugin supports digital wallets and payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH payments, Afterpay, etc.
  • Website owners can display the progress bar in the payment form. The bar shows the donation count and updates regularly in real time.


  • The plugin is available at $59 per year.

3.  Square Up WooCommerce Payment Gateway

If you want to integrate your WooCommerce store with the Square payment gateway, the Square Up WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin is a great choice.

Through this impressive plugin, you can manage point-of-sale transactions. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to manage secure credit card processing.

Besides, customers can use the Square payment gateway and checkout from your WooCommerce store.

Key Features of the Square Up WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

  • The Sandbox support helps users test transactions in their stores.
  • Users can easily integrate WooCommerce stores with the Square payment gateway.
  • Customers can use the Square payment gateway for transactions in your store.


  • The regular WooCommerce Square Up Payment Gateway license is available at $29.

4.  WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway is an excellent plugin for incorporating the Square payment gateway into your online store. The plugin has sandbox support that lets users test transactions on their online stores.

Depending on your needs, this plugin allows you to charge payments immediately or later.

Key Features of the WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway Plugin

  • Customers can make payments with the Square payment gateway.
  • The plugin lets users create customer profiles in Square when customers make payments through the gateway.
  • Users can process refunds without issues.
  • Users can benefit from Sandbox support to test transactions in their stores.


  • The regular license of WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway is available at $39.

What to look for when choosing WooCommerce Square Plugin Alternatives

When considering plugins other than WooCommerce Square, e-commerce businesses must focus on different factors. These factors are:

  • Ease of Use
  • Features and Functionality
  • Reviews
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Customization

Ease of Use

Any plugin you use should help you improve your productivity. Simply put, it should be easy to use and allow you to get the desired deliverables.

Features and Functionality

If you decide to use alternative plugins, features and functionality come in handy. Your chosen plugin must offer similar or enhanced features that help you optimize your WooCommerce store.

The plugin should support numerous payment options. Moreover, it must be compatible with other extensions and plugins.


Customer reviews enable you to make the right decision about the alternative plugins. They help users understand desirable attributes like performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Mobile Responsiveness

WooCommerce Square alternative plugins must be mobile optimized. Customers want to buy products and services through mobile devices.

Therefore, they must deliver an intuitive user experience to mobile users, allowing them to enjoy an optimized checkout experience.


The plugin you choose instead of WooCommerce Square must be customizable. It means you can easily customize the appearance and functionality of your WooCommerce according to your business needs.

Wrapping Up

Square is one of the leading digital payments solutions worldwide. Therefore, small and medium-sized business owners tend to integrate the popular payment solution into their WooCommerce stores globally.

Luckily, you can use various impactful plugins other than WooCommerce Square to optimize your online stores, depending on business needs.

In this WooCommerce Square plugin alternatives guide, we have described different plugins that offer unique features and functionalities to users. This way, they can innovate their online stores using customized yet results-driven payment gateways.

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