How to Accept Online Payments on your eCommerce Website?

Are you looking to start your own eCommerce business or looking for ways to improve your existing one? Considering how you will accept online payments using WooCommerce payment methods, including Square for WooCommerce, is essential.

Online purchases have transformed digital commerce’s lifeline with the persistent rise of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic leading to online shopping. Merchants of nearly all industries across the globe are seeking the most effective ways to offer their products online and accept payments affordably and seamlessly.

There are plenty of ways that allow users to accept payments online. However, your goals must be aligned to provide an optimal mix of payment options matching your specific business requirements and customer preferences.

Below, we have discussed the key factors, significance, and basics of online payments that help you understand the essential online payment options you should offer your potential clients and how to set up your payment gateway.

Importance of Accepting Online Payments For Your Online Business?

Online payments are exponentially growing, and the world is heading towards non-cash transactions. The global eCommerce transaction value is expected to increase by 8.9% over the year, with customers consistently paying online for products and services.

Nowadays, the availability of online payment options on your website must provide your customers with relative ease of use, performance, and the convenience they need. If you want to stay updated with relative competitiveness, you will also need an account for the specific payment references of your potential customers. The more options they have, your conversion rate will be higher.

How to Accept Online Payments for Online Business?

Being able to get paid online is essential for the success of your online business. But the question is how to proceed ahead, making it a reality.

If you want to accept online payments, you will require a payment gateway that provides various payment options and effectively processes your customer payment information. You will also need a merchant account for debit and credit card payments.

The foremost step for emerging companies who want to start accepting payments on their online store is to choose an all-inclusive payment option such as Square for WooCommerce. Integrating the square payment gateway with the WooCommerce platform relinquishes the stress and hurdle of processing online payments via a user-friendly interface secure and economical financial platform.

You can open a merchant account and integrate the payment gateway on your online store in particular easy steps.

According to recent reports, online shoppers rely more on payment service providers such as Square Payment Gateway because of their ease, performance, security, and multi-currency support.

This type of all-inclusive payment solution also makes your life easy for business owners. You don’t need to learn about the discrepancies of online payments at once, and you don’t have to take care of complicated currency-based conversions. The platform can also rely on meeting compliance standards and provides various payment options to your customers via a single interface.

What is Square Payment Gateway?

Square is a popular payment processing module among small business owners that easily accepts credit card payments from potential customers. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features of the Square Payment Method:

Features of Square

●     Accept any card and relevant payment methods

Square works well with any US and several international magstripes or chip cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, or JCB. You can easily accept payment from FSA, EDD, Accept Government, and Military Cards.

Users can easily accept your customer’s card with a Swipe or a Dip and pay using a contactless card or an Apple Pay or Google Pay-enabled device integrated with NFC.

●     Accept-Online Payments

Users can create and share Square Online Checkout and accept online orders and payments with Stripe Online Store. You can also be keyed in payments by manually entering the customer’s information card via a mobile app or personal computer.

●     Square POS

Square also provides a POS system for your online retail store. It also comes along with card readers and a barcode scanner.

Integrating Square with WooCommerce?

If you are a business owner looking to sell both online and offline, Square integration with WooCommerce is a valuable option for the preferred users.

Users can work as a brick-and-mortar agent who wants to sell online products or be an eCommerce store owner who wants to open a retail store. This integration allows you to easily accept payments, including credit cards on Square for WooCommerce.

Furthermore, you can increase the flexibility and affordability of WooCommerce as an open-source eCommerce platform, along with the ability to integrate Square for receiving both online and offline payments.

You can use many tools to integrate Square with WooCommerce via Square API. Let’s have a look at WooSquare – Square for WooCommerce.

WooSquare – Square for WooCommerce

WooSquare is a complete WooCommerce Square platform that enables you to integrate Square with WooCommerce. Using the WooSquare plugin, you can easily migrate and synchronize products and the relevant categories of products among Square and WooCommerce.

Features of WooSquare

  • WooCommerce Square Sandbox – Before making it live, you can perform Sandbox API testing using this plugin
  • Synchronization – Enables you to perform manual synchronization with simplistic and variable products connected with Custom and Global attributes for WooCommerce with Square and vice versa.
  • Square Payments and Refunds – Allows customers to pay via credit card at WooCommerce checkout with Square Payment Gateway and can provide refunds to customers from the WooCommerce dashboard.

How do you set up and Integrate WooCommerce and Square using WooSquare?

Step # 1

  1. In your dashboard, go to Plugins Add New.
  2. Search for ‘WooSquare,’ Install and Activate the WooSquare Plugin

plugin add new plugin

Connect Square

  1. On the subsequent page, log in to your Square account and click ‘Allow’ to give permission.
  2. Once you have authenticated your Square account, click ‘Redirect Me,’ you will be redirected to your site.
  3. Now, you can manage and synchronize your products from WooCommerce to Square or Square to WooCommerce.

Disconnect From Square

  1. To enable Square Payment Gateway, navigate to products, click on payments, and allow the Square payments by marking the checkbox.
  2. You can also perform Sandbox testing on the same page by copying and pasting the Sandbox API from the Square developer dashboard and pasting it on this page’s Sandbox API credentials section.

To know more about integrating Square with WooCommerce, you can see the complete WooSquare documentation here.

WooSquare Plus – WooCommerce for Square

WooSquare Plus is a robust, flexible, and premium version of the popular WooSquare plugin with certain unique features. Using the plus version, you can easily sync your customer details between WooCommerce and Square, enabling automatic synchronization of products from Square to WooCommerce and vice versa.

If you buy the WooSquare Plus version, you can get premium support that can help you if the WooCommerce-Square integration isn’t working correctly or doesn’t sync well.

Features of WooSquare Plus

  • Synchronizing Orders – Using WooSquare Plus, your orders, refunds, and inventory will be automatically synchronized from WooCommerce to Square with relative ease.
  • Processing Square Payments – Processes simple or recurring payments in your Square payment form using WooCommerce with Subscriptions.
  • Saves Cards on File – Users can save their card details or information at checkout and use them again whenever needed.
  • Allows Transaction Notes – Easily sends dynamic transaction notes with WooCommerce checkout fields & Order ID after every transaction.
  • Synchronization of Customers – Automatically syncs your customers’ actions between the two and links them to their orders appearing in WooCommerce via Square.
  • Compatible with Cartflows – Building conversion tracking sales funnels with cart abandonment recovery, single-click upsells, and many more.
  • Supports Google Pay – Google Pay enables customers to make payments in your app or site using any credit or debit card saved to their Google Account.
  • Square Gift Card Pay – Accepts Square eGift Cards on your website via WooSquare. It helps businesses today with a significant improvement from Square digital gift cards.
  • Square Modifiers – Square Modifiers enable you to sell easily customizable items or provide extra choices. The square modifiers can be easily activated via the WooSquare Plus module tab.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders Extension – The supportability of WooCommerce pre-orders extension enables you to sell products and services before their availability in an up-front and upon-release manner.
  • Synchronizes Product – WooSquare Plus allows users to synchronize simple or variable products from WooCommerce to Square or vice versa.


Hence, the payment processors represent a wide variety of options you’ll choose from scratch. Therefore, You can observe and identify the challenging and essential tasks by choosing an eCommerce payment solution. But don’t let it be a road barrier to set up a new online store that is intuitive, result-driven, and provides possible ways to accept online payments on your eCommerce site.


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