Square vs PayPal: Which One Is Right for You?

Payment Gateways

Square and PayPal are two of the most widely used payment processing platforms among small business owners. Accepting electronic payments is important to stay ahead, particularly in the ecommerce industry. Choosing the right payment platform is an important decision that...

Accept Payments with AfterPay in WooCommerce: Step-by-Step Guide

Payment Gateways

E-commerce success depends on offering users easy payment alternatives. One well-liked payment method enabling customers to purchase today and pay later in interest-free installments is AfterPay. This thorough guide will help you through the process of incorporating AfterPay into your...

WooSquare Plus v4.5 – Release Notes


We've been working hard to improve WooSquare Plus, and we're grateful to announce that one of the most-requested features, Product Variation Image, and PHP 8.0 Support, is now available! On the square platform, you can now see images of each...

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