WooSquare Update (Free, Pro & Plus) Release Notes

Today can only be described as a very special occasion since we are rolling out major updates for WooSquare on WordPress (free), WooSquare Pro, and WooSquare Plus. These updates will help users utilize premium features in each version of WooSquare.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and look at the upgrades in each version.

WooSquare on WordPress (Free)

  • Accept Square payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay – New
  • Square Payment Gateway settings – New
  • Product synchronization (Manual) – New

WooSquare Pro

  • Accept Square payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay – New
  • Square Payment Gateway settings – New
  • Order synchronization (auto and manual) – New
  • Product synchronization (auto and manual) – New

WooSquare Plus

  • Accept payments with Apple Pay – New
  • Order synchronization – Improved
  • Square gift card process – Improved

These changes will significantly improve the quality of your business and what’s beneficial to you is success to us.

One-clink Square Authorization & Square payment gateway settings (Woosquare free and WooSquare Pro)

Connect Square application with WooSquare with a single click. This functionality allows you to unlock the Square Payment Gateway on WooCommerce checkout.

Here are the settings that you can configure with the Square payment gateway settings panel:

  • Enable/disable Square payment gateway
  • Title of the payment gateway
  • Description of the payment gateway
  • Delay capture – Perform Auth on the card and later perform either capture or valid check.
  • Enable create customer – create a customer profile on Square 
  • Enable log to debug messages
  • Enable/disanble sandbox
  • Enable/disable AVS Zipcode check

Order synchronization – Improved (WooSquare Plus)

WooSquare order synchronization is another module in the plugin that enables you to register order ids from both platforms. As the orders are placed, order IDs from the respective platform will be displayed on a single page, making it easy to keep track of transactions and orders.

Product synchronization (Woosquare free and WooSquare Pro)

WooSquare product synchronization helps you synchronize items between both platforms. (Note: For synchronization of products to work, Sandbox must be disabled in the Payment settings)

Once enabled, you will unlock product synchronization settings that include:

  • Sync on edit – product will be synchronized after every edit
  • Disable auto-delete
  • Enable/disable Square order sync email notification
  • Enable/disable WooCommerce description sync with HTML 

Accept Square payments with Google Pay & Apple Pay (WooSquare Free, Pro & Plus)

Google Pay allows customers to make payments in your app or website using any credit or debit card saved to their Google Account.

Apple Pay allows customers to make NFC transactions on the go. Customers simply hold their iOS device near the reader to trigger payment.

Why accept square payments via Google Pay or Apple Pay?

  • Simple checkout – Millions of users with hundreds of millions of saved cards can pay with the press of a button.
  • Increased security – Customer payment data is end-to-end encrypted from Google’s servers to your payment processor.
  • Easy integration – Google Pay works with WooSquare and can be easily connected without any hassle.

To know more, please read the technical documentation.

WooSquare WordPress (Free)
WooSquare Pro
WooSquare Plus

For questions and queries, open a support ticket at https://apiexperts.io/support/

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